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Team and ressources

C&E is a civil engineering office made up of multidisciplinary architects and engineers specialised in both designing and engineering structures in civil engineering and buildings. Created in 1994 the organisation now comprises some twenty people who work on around fifty projects every year.

Our commitment and our engagement in engineering does not privilege one programme or material over another but covers an open range of techniques so that we can constantly renew and enrich our expertise and our capacity to design.

Fabrication issues determine the way the project moves from design to execution. Before any architectural concept can exist, it needs to be built, so it needs to cover all of the themes that combine in its fabrication. We need to seek out the capacity shown by the technical issue to define the field of architecture, namely:

  • Introducing the means available for building,
  • Assessing design processes,
  • Imagining constructive rules,
  • Building…
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